by Victor Gialanella




Photography by Ronan Reinart

2013, October 30 - November 3  I  Waterfront Theatre Granville Island  

Starring: James Pizzinato,Tiera Skovbye, Adrian Petriw, Sean Poague, Alex Duncan, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Martin Hallat, Piercey Dalton, Dagan Nish, Bryce Hodgson, Victor Ayala and Brendan Taylor as The Creature

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In 1816, a group of friends, forced indoors by the chilly, rainy weather, held a contest to see who could write the scariest ghost story. While most of the works produced by this contest have been forgotten by history, one work continues to resonate, fascinate, terrify, and inspire readers nearly two centuries later. Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley at the age of just 18, tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who creates a method of animating dead bodies by harnessing the power of lightening. However, the creature that is brought to life is not what Frankenstein had dreamed of, and as the bodies of his loved ones pile up, Frankenstein is forced to confront the deafening imperfection in his revolutionary conquest.

This is the 6th production by the Ninja Pirates Theatre Society since forming in 2010, and is directed by Artistic Directer, Anthony Shim, who has directed the last 5 of the company's shows. Founding members James Pizzinato and Brendan Taylor will star as Victor Frankenstein and The Creature, in addition to a roster of local professional talent for the remainder of the cast and crew.  What makes this production especially unique is the movement based performance that brings to light the grotesque subtext of each character and the lives they lead.   

Originally set in nineteenth-century Switzerland, this production is a non-specific time and place, inspired by the ever present world conflicts and infamous leaders, like that of Nazi Germany.  Focusing on human inquisition and emotional drive that causes a resurrected creature to come face to face with his obsessed creator Ninja Pirates' FRANKENSTEIN brings a sense of realism that has been lost through the original motion pictures and iconic representations of the story and it's creature.


Frankenstein has stood the test of time because it questions the morality of science, the accountability of our advancements, the alienation of technology, and the quest for acceptance into society, and forces readers to confront their own mortality. These are classic questions that should never stop being addressed and debated, and the Ninja Pirates are determined to examine these, and the many other issues that can be found in this masterpiece of literature, through the artistic lens of theatre, dance, music, and movement, this Halloween at the Waterfront Theatre.


Movement Choreography by Jen Oleksiuk 

Set Design by Craig Alfredson 

Lighting Design by Kitty Hoffman

Music/Sound Design by Bryce Hodgson and Dan Blackburn

Costume Design by Danielle Yanay

Make Up Design by Neet Aujla